Group Dance Results

Age GroupTitleWinner Name
Age Group Below 15WinnerParag and Group
 Runner up WinnerEle Angel`s Group
 Runner up WinnerAngel Group
 Consolation PrizeKilbil Group
 Consolation PrizeRadhabai Group
 Consolation PrizeNataraj Dance A
 Special PrizeBhatake Vimukt (Solapur)
 2nd Runner Up WinnerWonder Girls
 2nd Runner Up WinnerSanjay Folk Art

Age GroupTitleWinner Name
Age 15 and AboveWinnerTeenagers Group
 Runner up WinnerNataraj Kalamanch
 Consolation PrizeNataraj and Crew
 Consolation PrizeFlikering Crew
 Consolation Prize4 Step Dance Crew
 2nd Runner Up WinnerSunbai Group