Billions of people around the world welcomed the New Millennium with some of the most spectacular celebrations ever seen. The unique global experience was marked by all classes and creeds of people across the planet. At the same time, India was celebrating the Golden Jubilee of its full emergence as an Independent nation. Sentient about social responsibility and a man with vision, Adv Parag Alavani, wanted to celebrate this occasion in a different manner. Several rounds of discussions and brain storming with friends and office bearers of Vile Parle Cultural Centre of which he is the Chairman resulted into an event of competitions that could act as a platform for aspiring talents. The multi-layered event was named Parle Mahotsav as it originated from the western suburb in Mumbai - Vile Parle. Today, the annual event in its 29th year of celebrations has played a pivotal role in discovering and offering the aspiring talent to the world.

The first edition of Parle Mahotsav reached to a scale that made the people in the vicinity take note of it. With 8 competitions and 2750 contestants in the first year, Parle Mahotav, has, in a short span of nineteen years, evolved into one of the top such events in Mumbai with 32 competitions and over 65 thousand participate who contestants around 2900 prizes including 345 1st price.

With the backing of Sathye College, the supportive sponsors, and various partners to the event and the might of the Municipal Corporation and Mumbai Police, the event has grown from strength to strength. The event has seen some of the biggest names today, like Anjali Bhagwat as contestants. In the Mahotsav, as many competitions as possible, especially in sports, are held in alliance with recognized associations in the respective sport so as to give fair judgment, guidance and professionalism. Competitions of Parle Mahotsav are never premeditated but the innovations are topical or outcome of continuous process and efforts that make this event more exciting and interesting.

Vile Parle Cultural Centre (VPCC) that holds the annual extravaganza has always been clear on its focus -community development. VPCC strongly believes that nurturing the culture that constitutes the inhabitants of a society ensures a healthy society. While the organization encourages the talents in art and sport, it also runs various projects for urban poor and the underprivileged.