For all these years Parle Mahotsav is being organized by Vile Parle Cultural Center(VPCC). The inception of VPCC was inspired by many other organizations working in Vile Parle working on principal, "Think globally but work locally". VPCC was incepted in 1998 and organized First Parle Mahotsav in December 2000 which has been expanding year after year.

But the founders of VPCC did not want to limit its social horizon just with organizing Parle Mahotsav. They also wanted to carry out other social activities. As a result, VPCC started activities such as Mahila Bachat Gat for women empowerment, providing insurance facilities to workers in unorganized sector, giving away scholarships to students, organizing carrier guidance camps.

Activities of VPCC

Apart from Parle Mahotsav VPCC has been engaged in following social activities.

Educational Activities

VPCC has been organizing Career guidance campaigns. Activities such as Motivational Speech trainings, Aptitude tests, counseling take place under this. Free seminars on Management, Aviation and Cargo, Travel & tourism, Media & Advertisement are also organized.

Special Assistance is given to bright students from weak economic backgrounds to get scholarships. VPCC is also acting as nodal agency for "Shikshan Sahayya Yojana" for children of workers in unorganized sectors.

You can also countribute in these activities by,

  • Organising a Career Guidance Camp
  • Deliver a speech on your field of expertise
  • Help us getting Scholarships
  • Help Financially

Workers in unorganized sectors

Mumbai being the financial capital of India, many people across the country migrate to Mumbai in search of Job. Though most of these people have an yearly income above poverty line, but most of them stay in very Unhygienic conditions, work in inhuman circumstances. These conditions affect their health & they also get addicted to drinking or smoking.

VPCC has been working for such people. Acting as nodal agency VPCC has offered them LIC Janashree Beema Yojana. VPCC has been instrumental in implementing this group insurance plan among 5000 people who are classified under the Workers in Unorganized Sector class. More than 750 students have been provided with monetary help that comes in the form of Yearly allowance for the children of workers in the unorganized sector.

Woman Empowerment

VPCC is also contributing Worldwide Women Empowerment movement by actively participating in it. Women these days like to take leadership even on family front! They work actively in financial growth of their family. Keeping this fact in mind VPCC has organized more than 100 `Mahila Bachat Gat` & more than 2000 families are participating in it.

The name itself spells savings for women more so for those underprivileged women who work to no avail and are left with very little or no savings at all. The women eligible under this plan are helped by a revolving fund added to their savings (in the form of group savings that they are made to do on a monthly basis) which helps them to start some small time business that can be very lucrative eventually if perceived and fostered well.

The aim at following the above two `Group activity plans` is to bring together people who otherwise may not indulge into each other`s business, unify and bond them with the idea of working together and develop a saving pattern in the Urban Poor. This also helps in bringing out the unknown or unacknowledged qualities and hidden talents in people, especially women who have had little or no exposure in the society.